53607205_2746086502076042_7904046254907195392_oEarlier this year the Irish Government announced that it would be supporting the 20×20 movement.  The premise of this movement is that “if she can’t she it, she can’t be it”.  With that in mind, the 20×20 movement’s aim is to increase media coverage of women’s sport, increase female participation in sport, refereeing, coaching or administration, and increase attendance at women’s sporting events all by 20% by the end 2020. The hope is that by increasing awareness, it will de-stigmatise the subliminal bias towards women and women’s sport within Irish culture and society.  This will only benefit all of society because sport is good, and more sport for everyone is good for everyone!

Here at PeacePlayers – Northern Ireland we know the importance of making sure everyone is equally represented.  When planning which coaches will work on what projects, an effort is always made to make sure there is a balance of 50/50 female and male coaches.  There are several reasons why we do this, but an important one is for the participants we work with to see that girls can play and coach sports, too, which will motivate them to participate more!

For more information on the 20×20 movement and the #ShowYourStripes campaign, visit https://20×20.ie/


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