“… So What Do You Like Most About Your Work At PP – ME?”

Usually our blog is where we convey to the public what’s happening at PeacePlayers-Middle East, but this week we are taking a different route. So many staff members help make what we do here possible: from working on the court with participants to working in the office on finances and resource development. PP-ME’s Development Associate Sharon Rubinstein talked to staff members this week to find out what is it about working at PP-ME that they like most. Here are their answers:


Karen, Managing Director (12 years at PP-ME)

What I like most is seeing the participants grow up and become advocates for peace.

Michal, Resource Development and Donor Compliance Manager (9 months at PP-ME)

What I like most is knowing I am contributing to something that makes the future of this country better and seeing the changes that participants have undergone by being part of the program.

Shlomit, Financial Associate (6 years at PP-ME)

I like the people who make it feel like family and I like seeing how PP-ME’s goals have become a part of all of us.

Githa, Project Manager (7.5 years at PP-ME)

I like most that over the years I can actually see how our program is contributing to young girls, helping them to become open-minded, confident and inspiring young women. All through this process, I am also having the best of fun with the kids and with colleagues.

Rebecca, Coach (3.5 years at PP-ME)

What I actually like most is the work on a daily basis. Every day seeing the girls, being with them through a long process of growth. Seeing them go from being little kids to young ladies… how they learn and grow through the program. I actually feel like I’m changing lives… and it’s not only about basketball. It’s a lot more. The fact that I’m making a big impact on their lives in the bigger picture of society. That’s what I like most in my job.

Monique, American Fellow (63 days with PP-ME)

I enjoy seeing all the kids have fun with each other and get better at basketball each practice. When the kids compete and cheer each other on, regardless of which team or school they are from, it’s the absolute best!

And finally, in the words of one of our participants who joined the Basketball Club in Jerusalem 12 years ago, and is now one of the organization’s leading coaches:

What I really like is that it’s a long-term process. PeacePlayers changed my life and I’m really happy that now I have a chance to be a part of other people’s experience in the program, helping to change their perspectives and to become a better people. I’m really happy to be a part of the new generation. I also like being a coach for little kids, and I know that’s important for the program and for their lives. I like to be a leader for the younger generation; that gives me a lot of responsibilities and hope and makes me proud of myself. It helps put others ahead of my needs. 

PeacePlayersIntl“… So What Do You Like Most About Your Work At PP – ME?”

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