Summer Jam is Coming!

This weeks blog is brought to you by PP-NI’s operations team leader, Debbie Byrne! 


Waiting for a big announcement…

Every Christmas there is an advert in Northern Ireland for Coca Cola. It is a song with the words, “holidays are coming, and holidays are coming….”.  The Coca Cola truck is driving along with the snow in the background.  The song really invokes the anticipation of the Christmas holidays approaching.  Maybe you know this song?

The same feelings are invoked for me when the DePauw University bus pulls up on the Lisburn Road (close to our office).

SUMMER JAM is coming!!  I hear myself sing the same song only with different words, “Summer Jam is coming, Summer Jam is coming.”  The anticipation just builds and builds from there to the crescendo of a wonderful day for the PeacePlayers family at Summer Jam.

This year will be no different!! Summer Jam 2018 is going to be the best one yet!

group picture

2017 group shot after summer jam

Despite all the logistical planning for Summer Jam and all the hard work, I already know that Summer Jam 2018 is going to be a fabulous day.  I know this because we have amazing young people, we have an incredible staff team, we have a strong bank of coaches and volunteers and to top all that off we have a committed group of students from DePauw University in Indiana who will provide the energy and enthusiasm to make this tournament the best one yet.

Every year, for the last 4 years the Men’s Basketball Coach Bill Fenlon and his wife Gigi come to Northern with a group of students.  They fundraise for Summer Jam, they help us prepare for the tournament, and as Coach Fenlon says, they “bring the juice” on the day.  Bringing the juice has become part of our everyday language in PeacePlayers in NI and it shows the bond that has built up over the years between DePauw and ourselves.


Watch out for all the build up to Summer Jam 2018 on social media (like PeacePlayers International – Northern Ireland on facebook @ peaceplayersni )* and if you are in N. Ireland why not come and visit us on Saturday 2nd June at Queen’s PEC between 1.00pm – 5.30pm? We would love to have you!


*editors note

nornironSummer Jam is Coming!

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