Super Twinning ……West Belfast style!

Today’s blog post is written by PPI-NI Operations Team Leader, Debbie Byrne.

All of the participants from our Super Twinning cheering after a fun day!

On Friday, 25th January we had our first Super Twinning of the term at Queens PEC in Belfast. What a fabulous day we had all around! Not only did the children have fun, but they also got to be re-united with their twinning teams and compete against other teams in basket-ball, a superb skills competition and our now legendary “Jeopardy Quiz”.

The Mighty Shark Ducks team celebrating their Spirit Award with their coach Laura Agnew!

The victors on the day were “Team Awesome”. The “Mighty Shark Ducks” was the team that earned the PeacePlayers Spirit Award.

Team Awesome celebrating their win with their coach Debbie Byrne!

A big thanks to St. Paul’s P5, Harmony P5, St. Clare’s P6, Glenwood P6, Springhill P6, and John Paul II P6 for all their hard work and enthusiasm on the day!

The day was a significant day for me personally too! Not only did my team win (Go Team Awesome!) but also another team on the day made a VITAL contribution – the UNITED YOUTH Team! These special young people pictured below are part of a programme that encourages citizenship, employability skills, personal and social development as well as Good Relations. As part of their experiential learning, on Friday this team put all of these things into practice.  The results were impressive to watch!  A special thank you to NI Executive for supporting PeacePlayers United Youth Pilot initiative.

Well done everyone! Just two more Super Twinnings to go!

The United Youth team making their presence felt at the West Belfast Super Twinning

nornironSuper Twinning ……West Belfast style!

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