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Breaking Down Barriers Across Belfast – the Next Generation Leading The Way

Growing up in Northern Ireland, Adam, the youngest of three children in his family, struggled to find his own niche.  Adam wasn’t interested in competing with his siblings over the traditional sport of Gaelic football in North Belfast.  While he did not know exactly what he was looking for at the time, as luck would

Join us for PeacePlayers Northern Ireland’s Virtual Summer Jam Event this Saturday!

At PeacePlayers – Northern Ireland (PP-NI), we use basketball as a tool to connect children and young people from Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist and Catholic/Nationalist/Republican backgrounds in Belfast and surrounding areas.  By competing together on integrated teams and participating in PeacePlayers’ community relations and team-building activities, children from these historically divided communities can discover common ground, forge new

Summer Jam

PeacePlayers – Northern Ireland’s spring term celebration event. Brings participants of the Belfast Interface League from east, north, south and west together for a day long basketball tournament full of music, dancing, competition and fun!

Summer Jam is Coming!

This weeks blog is brought to you by PP-NI’s operations team leader, Debbie Byrne!  Every Christmas there is an advert in Northern Ireland for Coca Cola. It is a song with the words, “holidays are coming, and holidays are coming….”.  The Coca Cola truck is driving along with the snow in the background.  The song … Continue reading Summer Jam is Coming!