Teamwork Makes the Dream Work at PPI-NI

Today’s blog is written by Sally Nnamani, an International Fellow at PPI-Northern Ireland, about how PPI-NI’s leadership is growing this season.

This summer PPI-NI ushered in a new team of core staff with the hiring of our Local Fellow, Ryan McGarry. In less than a week, the newest member of our team and International Fellow, Jasmine (Jazz) Bishop, will be joining us in Belfast! We are excited about the growth of our team and being able to give our coaches and participants more ownership of PPI-NI’s work on the back-end and out in the field. This blogpost is dedicated to our team of our coaches who have stepped up to the plate and taken on bigger responsibilities in order to move PPI-NI’s mission forward.

Enhancing local capacity is monumental for our work at PPI-NI, and at the heart of our leadership pipeline is our coaches. They create the fun, safe, and positive environment that allows our participants to thrive and create new friendships. We constantly strive for opportunities for coaches to contribute to the bigger picture and a sense of ownership that goes beyond coaching. This year we kicked with a Coaches Residential filled with teambuilding activities and workshops about positive youth coaching. From plannning to delivery, our coaches play a major role in fostering an atmosphere of shared learning and support.

Coaches Teambuilding Session

Following the residential, our fast-track coaches are taking on more responsibilities around coordinating programmes including pitching PeacePlayers to schools, community centres, and other stakeholders and recruiting new participants.  Our recruitment efforts around Belfast Interface League have helped tremendously due to the hard work and commitment of our coaches. Our Junior and Senior Champions4Peace, leadership development programme is currently led by former Twinning participant and fast-track coach, Michaela Thompson. Michaela is a great example of a participant who went through our leadership pipeline and now returned to share and give back to her community.

We are excited about the continued growth of our team and the contagious sense of empowerment and ownership our coaches exude. We aim to continue giving our coaches more opportunities be leaders within PPI-NI and simultaneously empower our participants in their leadership journey as well!

nornironTeamwork Makes the Dream Work at PPI-NI

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