Thank you, Jessica!

This week’s blog was written by Cyprus Fellow Sean Wright thanking his friend and Fellow Jessica Walton for her awesome time in Cyprus.

Jess and some of her friends from Summer Camp in CY

Where to begin. Last March, I boarded a plane from America to the island of Cyprus to join the PeacePlayers family for the next 2 years. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. As I landed in Cyprus, I grabbed my bags and as I went through the doors of no return, the first person I saw was Jessica Walton. She gave me a big hug, and from that moment she was my guide in this foreign country.

Jessica took me under her wing. She showed me how to run a practice the PPI way. She taught me what it truly means to be a part of this incredible organization. She taught me how to complete many tasks in the office that once she is gone I am taking over. She has been an incredible teacher to me, and I thank her for it.

Jess on her trip to the PPI-ME Exchange in Oct. 2016

Besides teaching me the PPI ways of life and being co-workers, we are also roommates! Because of this, I’ve gotten to know some things about her. Her favorite singer is Beyonce, and had it not been for Jess I would have never listened to the new Lemonade album that was on repeat in the car all summer long, which I didn’t hate. We were beach buds, every weekend going to a new location with crystal clear water and relaxing together on the sand. She was my Game of Thrones partner, as we would watch together and be left stunned at what took place in the episode. She was my movie/tv show advisor, where every morning on our way to work I’d tell her what I was watching and she would do the same which would ultimately lead me to watching her suggestions.

For the past 10 months, there have been only a few days where we haven’t been together. It will be strange to not have her with me anymore soon as her time as a fellow comes to an end. The next fellow with have some big shoes to fill!

seanwright33Thank you, Jessica!

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