The Countdown to City Wide Begins!

Sixteen years later, twenty-seven City Wide Tournaments later, PeacePlayers International South Africa is right around the corner from hosting its 28th City Wide Tournament. This Saturday, on the 3rd of June, it will be all things basketball, peace, teambuilding and fun at Hoy Park Sports Grounds. The day will not be a classic winner takes all tradition, but all the teams will be split in new, mixed teams. Reason being, the children are normally in their comfort zones in their school teams and are friends with their teammates. But, in true PPI-SA fashion, the day is all about getting the children to meet new people, learn to play with different people, form new friendships and having FUN!

Participants at last years 27th City Wide Tournament

Traditionally, PPI-SA hosts two City Wide Tournaments a year, and last year, due to the weather (rain), PPI-SA was only able to host one tournament in October, which was a classic, winner takes all. Cwebezela Primary School sweeped both the PSP Championships and the Umlazi West LDP team walked away as the LDP Champions for both girls and boys. Now coming full circle, the excitement is doubled.

Participants in action.

Gardenia Primary School will be making their debut at this City Wide as they have recently joined the PPI-SA family. LIV Village will also be making their debut as official members of the PPI-SA family.

This City Wide Tournament is fully funded by the Laureus SA Foundation. We are so grateful for our Laureus family for their continued support.

In the face of all the cases of women and child abuse in South Africa. PPI-SA will using the 28th City Wide Tournament as platform for creating awareness and providing a space for the youth to have their say. All PPI-SA participating schools will sign a pledge that shows that they will no longer tolerate and stand for domestic abuse, bullying and violence against all people. Also, PPI-SA is partnering with Stop Bullying and the KZN Child Welfare Department to deliver a session for the participants, to create awareness and educate the youth.


PeacePlayers South AfricaThe Countdown to City Wide Begins!

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