The Fellowship Factor

This week’s blog was written by PPI-NI Operations Team Leader, Debbie Byrne.

I remember the first time I learned about the fellowship programme within Peace Players International. I was intrigued and excited all in one moment. Intrigued that a graduate from the USA would take 2 years out of their lives to come and work in one of our sites around the world and lead a very modest lifestyle, while giving most of their time to the work of PeacePlayers and excited to meet these individuals who did not disappoint!

PeacePlayers International staff team including some of our fellows Nasiphi Khafu, Joe Smith and Casey Tryon

Our Managing Director describes our fellows as adding “pizzazz” to our programming in Northern Ireland and I do think that is true. The children and young people love the fellows especially because they are from another country and are able to bring that experience to our work. However, our participants also come to learn that the fellows are 100% committed to the mission of PeacePlayers and it inspires them to raise their level of commitment.

The only down side about fellows for me is that they go home. I have now had to experience the departure of three wonderful people – Megan Lynch, Nasiphi Khafu and Joe Smith. They have all contributed to the work of PeacePlayers immensely and certainly left their individual stamp. Casey Tryon will be leaving soon too, which again will be sad. When I heard about the fellowship programme a few years ago I didn’t really think about them having to return home. It really is, a fantastic opportunity to have them here with us but is also sad to see them go! However, what is key for me as the Operation’s Team Leader in Peace Players Northern Ireland is to make sure we carry on the good work they have undertaken and allow their legacy to live on.

Two of our great fellows – Joe Smith and Casey Tryon

Thanks to all of the fellows around the world who have added so much to our work!

nornironThe Fellowship Factor

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