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Today’s blog is written by PPI-NI intern, Leif Frymire. Leif is a volunteer from the Presbyterian Church USA’s Young Adult Volunteer Program (YAV). Leif is originally from New York and has been in Belfast working with PPI-NI since August 2015. 

Over the past few months since I began my YAV term, I’ve had the opportunity to see how PeacePlayers International – Northern Ireland functions through participating in staff meetings, assisting coordinators with organizing, and coaching.

I’ve been working in the office soaking in all the different aspects of PPI-NI – from operations and communication to fundraising. Fundraising, as most know, is a key part of non-profit operations. As PPI-NI continues to expand within Northern Ireland, we are identifying new opportunities for fundraising through community relations work.

Recently, I was given a packet that listed over 50 different Trusts and Organizations that provide grants to different charities across the UK. My goal was to sort through the packet and find grants that PPI-NI could apply for. Tedious as it might sound, I found it quite worthwhile sifting through the grant requirements to create a matrix that organized the Trusts and Organizations and their funding requirements from relevant to least relevant for PPI-NI purposes.

This has been a very rewarding experience for me. I’ve gained valuable work experience in researching potential funding opportunities and grant writing.  And while this may not have been the most exciting blog post, you get an idea of what happens behind the scenes. It’s not the same kind of fun as coaching, but an equally important (and fun) aspect of the PPI-NI organization. Personally, it has improved my understanding of how much hard work and time is put into making sure a small charity is functioning to its fullest capacity.

nornironThe Office!

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