The Olympics: A Platform for Diversity Through Sport

This week’s blog was written by Cyprus Fellow Sean Wright about The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio!

The 2016 Olympic Games are upon us. For the next few weeks, the world has the pleasure of watching athletes from across the world compete to prove who the best of the best is in their respected sports. More importantly, it is an opportunity to see the world unite to compete through the common ground of sports.  Celebrating diversity through sport is something we at PeacePlayers strive for, and every two years, we get to watch Olympic games do just that!

A sign of the Rio 2016 Olympic is seen in front of dancers during the opening ceremony. Over 200 Nations will be represented at this years games

Today, sport inspires hope, builds and heals communities, and can unite people everywhere.This year over 200 nations and 11,000 athletes will compete in 28 sports over the course of the games. From Jamaica to Sweden to Japan, countries that are separated by thousands of miles come together to compete on the same stage with a common background: athlete. As we listen to the stories of Olympians from around the world, we remember that sport is shared by everyone and can bring out the best in not only people, but the world.

Coach Joanne Fitzpatrick of PPI-NI carrying the torch at for the 2012 Olympic Games in London

The Olympics highlights some of our worlds greatest strengths, but also some of it’s challenges. This year, ten refugee athletes will act as a symbol of hope for refugees worldwide and bring global attention to the magnitude of the refugee crisis when they take part in the Olympic Games Rio 2016 this summer. The athletes will compete for the Refugee Olympic Team (ROT) – the first of its kind – and march with the Olympic flag immediately before host nation Brazil at the Opening Ceremony.

Sport has the power to unite!


“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities,” and there is no better showcase than The Olympic Games. As you tune in to the opening ceremonies tonight, celebrate this fantastic opportunity that is on display as the world is united through sport!

seanwright33The Olympics: A Platform for Diversity Through Sport

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