Twinnings and the need for SPF 50

This blog post was written by Cyprus Fellow Sean Wright about his past week involving another twinning and getting burnt on the beach.

This past weekend I got to experience another twinning. Twinning’s are when the Turkish Cypriots (TC) and the Greek Cypriots (GC) come together for a practice.

Getting ready to warm up at the twinning last Saturday the 16th

Saturday, Coach Sevki brought his players down to from Iskele (TC) to the town of Kiti to have a fun day of playing games with the players from Coach Mike’s program (GC). It was another successful twinning. Everyone looked to be enjoying themselves. There were more kids this time which was awesome! Seeing kids choosing to spend their Saturday’s playing basketball with kids who don’t speak their language is wonderful. To see the older kids who have been through the program for years hanging out together, both TC’s and GC’s, reinforces my belief that what we are doing here at PeacePlayers is changing the world for the better. I love saying that my job is not just being a basketball coach, but someone who is helping to change perceptions in the community.

My man Ali with the two handed jam!

After the twinning, Jess and I got to check out the town of Larnaca which is near Kiti. Larnaca is another beautiful place right on the beach. It was a gorgeous day so we just walked around window shopping. The next day we went to the beach in Ayi Napa and had a nice Sunday Funday. I have fair skin, so I have to use sunscreen most of the time (I know my mom will be proud). But, for some reason on that day, the spray SPF 30 sunscreen didn’t want to cover my body so I proceeded to get burned (Mom, it wasn’t that bad). Now I don’t mind getting burnt, BUT, I do mind when the sunscreen you think is covering your whole body is only working on some of it. So now I’m tan in some areas, and not so tan on others. My mission this weekend is to even these patches out.

Tuesday I got to attend my first coaches meeting. We went over logistics for our spring tournament in May. Also, we went over some details for summer camp which takes place at the end of July. Both are going to be very fun and exciting. Overall, the meeting was very productive and successful.  After the meeting, Nicos, Jess, and myself went to watch a EuroLeague playoff game between PANATHINAIKOS ATHENS (Greece) and LABORAL KUTXA VITORIA GASTEIZ (Spain) at a sports bar. Turns out that a guy on the Greek team went to the same High School as me, Our Lady of Good Counsel. His name is James Gist, and he went on to play at the University of Maryland so I got to follow his career a lot back then. It was a nice surprise to see someone I’ve met before playing on one of the biggest basketball stages in the world. His team did not win, but he had a great game.

Next week is the Easter Holiday over here so I’m off of work. I am traveling to Athens, Greece for a few days to check out such a pivotal city in the world’s history. I am extremely excited for this as I’ve never been to Greece before.

seanwright33Twinnings and the need for SPF 50

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