US Virtual Summer Camp Starts Today!

Peace Players – Chicago
Corliss High School
Chicago, IL
Photograph © Ross Dettman

When PeacePlayers learned that we would need to cancel all of our summer programming due to COVID-19, we were overwhelmed with a looming cloud of uncertainty. How would PeacePlayers alter our programming in the midst of a pandemic? How could the US locations continue to work with our players during a time when they needed connection and activities more than ever? What we knew for sure was that we would not jeopardize the safety of our players’ health, and would not let the pandemic stop us from continuing to work towards the mission of developing youth leaders, building relationships, and bridging divides.

When so much felt lost, the PeacePlayers US team came together to find a way to unite people from all over the country through the first ever virtual camp! Although we need to remain physically distant right now, that would not stop us from coming together – the 2020 Virtual US Summer Camp was created.

This week’s camp will be one of the most exciting convergences of youth, coaches, special guests, fun and entertaining activities and leadership opportunities developed over eight weeks of planning across five cities. We know the kids have missed playing the sport they love. The virtual camp will connect them with one another and learn from some top WNBA and NBA players, as well as some incredible peacebuilding experts. Between speed and agility workouts, a daily dribbling session with a former Harlem Globetrotter, leadership and mental and physical health sessions, Tik Tok dance classes, and countless giveaways, this camp will make the kids feel like they’re back on the court again!

So lace up your shoes, and get ready for one of PeacePlayers most exciting camps yet! There may be a lot of ambiguity around the ever-changing threat COVID-19 poses, but we can ensure that PeacePlayers is on the cutting edge of virtual programming and is able to adapt with whatever comes our way. We will always be here to keep the kids active and engaged in sports, but most importantly we will always be here to unite, educate, and inspire our youth to create a more peaceful world.

Camp starts today, July 27 and the last day is Friday, July 31. The camp day starts at 1:00 pm EST with a pre-game huddle and the final buzzer is at 5:30pm EST everyday. There is still time to register by clicking here.

Haley RileyUS Virtual Summer Camp Starts Today!