Volunteer Opportunities with PeacePlayers

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with PeacePlayers? Does the thought of spending your time helping to bridge divides, inspire leaders and change perceptions excite you? If so, spending a week, month or even years with PeacePlayers might be your next adventure. This weeks blog highlights some of the opportunities available with PeacePlayers-NI

PeacePlayers International- Northern Ireland (PPI-NI) is a Belfast based charity that uses sport, in particular the game of basketball, to unite children and young people from the historically divided parts of our community.  PPI-NI is leading the way in Northern Ireland, and is championing the power of sport to develop leaders and change perceptions.  PPI-NI is currently made up of seven full time staff members and 20-25 part time sessional coaches who help deliver programs.  

Over the years, PPI-NI has had several interns and volunteers who have given time to the organization in several different capacities.  As PPI-NI’s reputation has grown, interest in interning or volunteering at PPI-NI has increased.  PPI-NI currently offers the following volunteer opportunities, subject to availability and selection by PPI-NI staff:

Brooklyn Nets Center Brook Lopez helping out at our B.I.G. Camp

Event Volunteer: An event volunteer is an individual who helps out at one-off events held by PPI-NI such as our annual Jingle Ball or Summer Jam tournaments.  Event volunteers are usually local to Belfast and have an interest in basketball, PPI-NI, or are visitors who have traveled to Belfast specifically for these events.  

Event volunteer tasks: Referee, table official, scorekeeper, photographer, assistant coach

Part time Placement: Part time placements are individuals who are looking to spend a certain amount of time with PPI usually for a school requirement.  Part time placements are placed into one of three categories a) secondary school work experience b) university placement students c) international visitors.  These individuals usually spend 1-3 weeks with PeacePlayers on a full time basis.  They are usually students looking for work experience, research, or volunteer hours.

Part time placement tasks: coaching, writing blog posts, assisting with social media updates, data entry, resource organization, attend PPI-NI trainings


DePauw University annual visit.

Examples: DePauw University annual visit, 1 week work experience from local schools, 1-3 week placements from Stranmilllis or St. Mary’s teaching colleges, summer visits by American students for research projects, personal visits.

Full time Placement: Full time placements are individuals looking to work full time, or consistent weekly hours, with PPI-NI for a term or academic year.  These individuals are usually receiving course credit for an internship, or are placed with us via a service organization as part of their volunteer programme.

Full time placement tasks: coaching, curriculum development, course delivery, data entry, resource organization, attend PPI-NI trainings, writing blogs, data collection and analysis, programme planning and implementation, executing needs assessments, assisting with fundraising and development, grant writing

The Fellowship Program Can Change Your Life!!

International Fellow: International fellows are individuals who commit to two years with PPI-NI.  They often come from the United States and become part of the full time staff at PPI-NI.  There is an application and interview process that is conducted by the staff in our Washington, D.C. office.  Additional information can be found on our website, www.peaceplayersintl.org

Fundraising and Partnerships: PPI-NI works with both individuals and organizations to create lasting relationships even after the placement or visit is over.  PPI-NI is always open to creating partnerships with organizations for both fundraising and volunteering opportunities.  PPI-NI currently partners with both for-profit and charitable organizations who help sponsor some of our larger events.  In addition, many of our international volunteers sponsor a fundraiser either before or after their visit as part of their project with PPI-NI.

Thanks for reading…we hope to see you with us soon!!!

nornironVolunteer Opportunities with PeacePlayers

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