What an exciting week!

Today’s blog post is written by Cyprus Fellow Sean Wright about turning 24 in Cyprus, watching one of the greatest College Basketball games ever, and experiencing a playoff game in Cyprus. 

Another week here in Cyprus and I’m finally starting to get settled in. Recently I’ve been driving places in order to get a better awareness of the area, which has helped. Still, I would get lost very easily if it wasn’t for my co-pilot Jessica helping me along the way. Luckily I have experience driving a manual transmission on the left side of the road due to the year I lived in England, so it’s not all completely new to me.

This past week was another great one. Starting on Sunday the 3rd, my birthday, Jess and I went down to the beautiful Nisi Beach to enjoy another 80-degree day on the water.

Sean enjoying the clear water in Nisi Bay

We had ourselves a little Sunday Funday. I’m pretty sure I’ll be frequenting that place more and more as summertime is just around the corner. My Jordan year (23) was fun, but it’s looking like my Mamba year (24) is going to be better.

The next day I got to go to a new practice in Larnaka with Coach Mike which was a lot of fun. All the kids want to learn and have fun, which in turn makes my job a lot easier. It’s funny – every new practice I go to the kids ask me if I can dunk, and if I can they ask me to show them. Of course I accept this request, throwing out all the tricks I can. Between the legs, Windmill, From the foul line like MJ, you name it. I put on a show for the kids (Full disclosure – I DON’T do any of these because I CAN’T. I just give them the standard one handed dunk which suits me just perfectly and it seems to get the kids excited so to me it feels like I’m doing all those crazy dunks I mentioned).

That night, rather, the next morning on the 5th at 4 A.M. , I woke up to watch one of the greatest college basketball games I’ve ever witnessed. And it was for a National Championship!!! Congratulations to Villanova for pulling that off, even though it hurts me being a Providence College Friar and them being a rival of ours. It’s nice to see the Big East win again! BUT, I really needed North Carolina to win because if they had I would have won the bracket pool I was in with my friends. That would have been nice for bragging rights and a nice sum of money for myself. In my family pool, I changed my bracket up and it suffered as I came in dead last. However, last place gets their money back so I came out even on that end.

Apoel (in orange) takes on Keravnos (in yellow) in a playoff game

Then, later that night I attended the first game of a best of 3 playoff series between Apoel and Keravnos. This game was nothing like I had ever seen. The visiting Apoel team got off to a slow start and went down 20 in the first half, but made a great effort in the 2nd half to cut it down to 5 at one point but could never get closer than that. What really caught my eye was the fans of Apoel, who once in their section, did not stop singing and pounding the drum no matter what the score. I had no clue that these games were so intense.

All in all another great week. I’m excited to watch the Masters Golf Tournament this weekend. I have Rickie Fowler winning this year! And I’m sure I’ll be on a beach again as we don’t have any practices this weekend. Rough life, I know, but someone’s got to do it.

seanwright33What an exciting week!

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