What are YOU #thankful for?

This PPI-South Africa participant is #thankful for “The ability to play basketball”

This Thursday, Thanksgiving will give American families an opportunity to reflect and express gratitude at dinner tables around the country.  In an effort to extend this tradition we have been asking PeacePlayers participants and staff from around the world what they are #thankful for and will begin posting their incredible responses on all of our social media sites.  Simply sharing a peaceful meal in the presence of healthy loved ones may create additional appreciation this Thanksgiving in the wake of discomforting international news.  It is our hope that any recent negativity will be transformed into a powerful reminder of all there is to be grateful for through the holiday season and beyond.

Posts will also feature prominent athletes and other noteworthy advocates of peace who have been kind enough to take the time to come up with some great responses for us! Our plan is to continue posting the content we receive through the end of the year as a constant reminder of the countless things to be #thankful for.  Make sure to follow PeacePlayers International on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up with all of our posts and share them with your friends to spread the positivity!

I’m #thankful for the ability to connect with friends and family around the world

On top of connecting more people with PeacePlayers’ mission to unite, educate and inspire young people in divided communities through basketball, we simply hope this campaign will provide easy opportunities to remind each other everything there is to be #thankful for!


We would also love to hear from you!  Make sure to use #thankful and tag PeacePlayers in posts so we can connect with supporters through the duration of this campaign!




Ray CallaghanWhat are YOU #thankful for?

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