What the International Day of Peace Means in PPI-CY

This week’s blog is written by Cyprus Fellow Sean Wright about celebrating International Day of Peace and what it means to PPI-CY. 

This past week the whole world got to celebrate International Day of Peace, a day which is very close to our hearts here at PPI-CY. We even have Peace in our name! Our goal, just like the other PPI sites across the world, is to bring peace to the region we are working in. For us here in Cyprus, that means bringing together the divided sides of the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots. Every day here at PPI-CY is International Day of Peace. Our mission is to bring these two sides together through the sport of basketball where cultures, languages, and religions are not at the forefront. By having the TC’s and GC’s do this, they are able to build life long friendships that would never happen without PPI.

It’s nice to have a day recognized by the whole world as a Day of Peace, but in reality it’s not enough. One day of the year is not enough to change the world. Every day should be considered International Day of Peace. The world would be a better place if everyone acted as if International Day of Peace is every day. At PPI-CY, we live by this: our work is solely for the purpose of bringing peace to this divided country through sport. Making the world a better place to live is ultimately what this International Day of Peace represents, and we are making that happen. A world where Peace comes before Hate is one that would benefit everyone in all walks of life.

In last week’s blog, it was mentioned that we at PPI-CY got to partake in the UN’s videoconference regarding the International Day of Peace. It was a tremendous opportunity to see people from all over the world come together and talk their experiences with peace or the lack there of in their respective countries and communities. This was just a small select group in regards to the whole world, but it was reassuring that there are others fighting to make the world a better place to live. We believe that this is one of the most important internationally recognized days the world has on the calendar, if not the most, and should be treated as such. If people all over the world could take what they learned from this Day of Peace and try to live each day as peaceful as possible, than one day in the future we could be living in a world full of peace.

seanwright33What the International Day of Peace Means in PPI-CY

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